Bet Using Phone Bill Bookmakers

Every now and then there is a new and innovative aspect introduced that takes online gambling by storm. Sports betting sites that let you bet using phone bill are the latest trend in the betting community. In this comprehensive guide to paybymobile bookmakers, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this mobile phone betting payment option.

We cover the basics of how to bet using mobile phone credit, withdrawals, security, benefits and tell you what are the best betting sites that let you gamble with phone credit. So get comfy and we’ll dive in and have you betting in no time

What is Phone Bill Sports Betting?

OK so we appreciate this may not take much explaining but we thought it best to cover it for any betting novices out there. Gambling with phone credit is just like it sounds. You simply visit any of our best bookies that let you bet using phone bill, make a deposit which is charged to your mobile provider, then place any bet of your choosing, such as a WinDrawWin or double chance bet.

There are a few payment handlers who process phone bill payments, including Boku, PayForIt and paybymobile. But regardless if which one your chosen bookmaker uses, the process is exactly the same. All you need to do is make sure any of these payment brands are mentioned in the bookies list of banking methods.

Best Bet Using Phone Bill Betting Sites

bet using phone bill betting sitesSince we first discovered this payment option, the number of betting sites that let you gamble with phone credit has exploded. So instead of just listing the only phone bill betting sites available, we’re now able to bring our top 5.

You may have noticed some big names mentioned above, as well as a few lesser known brands, Most of the top UK brands are yet to adopt this payment, but doesn’t mean your options are limited. In fact, we doubt you’ll be disappointed with any of these betting sites that accept mobile payments.

As for bet365, we have a unique way to bet using phone bill at Britain’s biggest bookmaker, you just need to keep reading to find out how that works.

How to Bet Using Mobile Phone Credit!

Some of you may already be aware of how to place a bet using mobile phone credit, and you may just be here to find a new betting site. But for those who are new to phone bill betting, here is our step by step guide to get you betting.

Boku betting is actually really simple and all you need is your mobile phone and your phone number to get started.

  1. Once you have opened an account with any of our best bookies, head over to the banking section.
  2. Select Boku or Paybymobile as your chosen deposit method.
  3. Choose the size of your deposit (£5 minimum)
  4. You will then be prompted to enter your mobile phone number and hit confirm
  5. A 2FA screen will then appear, where you will need to enter the single use code that will have been sent to you via text.
  6. Once this code has been verified, the payment will be instantly added to your betting wallet.
  7. Pick your bet, select the bet amount and hit place bet!

We know you probably didn’t quite believe us, but it really is that simple to place a bet using mobile credit. It really is one of the fastest payment methods available, but that’s just one of many benefits of pay by phone bill betting sites.

Bet365 Gambling with Phone Credit

We know some of you will be keen to know what our secret is to bet using phone bill at bet365, so here we go.

To be clear, bet365 don’t accept direct phone bill payments, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. As another popular payment provider does process boku payments, so you can just use them as a middle man. Bet365 also happen to be one of the best accumulator betting sites.

So to make your bet365 phone bill payment, simply open an account with Neteller, make your boku deposit with them and then use Neteller to make your deposit at bet365. Boom! Job done!

Paddy Power Deposit by Phone Bill

As with our example above, you can’t make a direct paddy power deposit by phone bill, they are always a brand we get asked about. But as for phone payments, they are one of the few bookmakers still using Dial-a-Bet landline payments.

There is however one slight drawback to using middle men to make your deposits, and that comes in the form of processing fees. So your deposits will cost you a little bit more, but it’s generally only a small percentage.

Making a Withdrawal Using Phone Bill

So you have placed your bet using phone bill credit and it’s won, what now? If you choose to withdraw your credit, sadly you can’t have this deposited to your mobile phone account. You will need to use a fast withdrawal banking option to access your winnings.

If you have used Neteller as to make your payment at bet365 as detailed above, then you can simply use them to withdraw your cash.

Advantages of Paybymobile Bookmakers

We’ve already mentioned that payments made using phone bill are instant, but there are many more advantages of using Paybymobile bookmakers. So here are the most prominent ones we feel will benefit you the most.

Secure Transfers

You may have noticed that at no point have we mentioned anything about having to provide any banking or financial details. That’s due to the fact the payment is billed to your phone provide and not your bank. So all of your personal banking details will remain completely secure and protected against interception, as they are not required to pay by mobile.

Delayed Billing

The benefit people like the most about gambling with phone credit, is the fact the payment is delayed. The money appears in your betting account straight away, but as the payment is tagged on to your phone bill, it isn’t actually immediately due. You will pay for your betting activity when your next mobile phone bill payment is taken by direct debit.

Disadvantages of Bet by Phone Bill

As with any payment method, Boku and Paybymobile have a few drawbacks. It’s not enough for us to be deterred from using them, but we appreciate it may be a no go from you, so we’ll cover them below.

Keeping Track of Phone bill Betting

As much as this may be easy for some, if you use multiple payment options to fund your online gambling, keeping track of your spending can sometimes be difficult. This is in part due to the fact that the deposit amounts aren’t debited from your bank straight away. So there may be payments you have forgotten about that come out with your phone bill.

Phone Bill Deposit Limits

Unlike other payment methods, you don’t get large deposit limits when placing a bet using phone bill. Due to regulatory requirements, there are strict low deposit limits at phone bill betting sites. These limits are much lower than other payment options but actually help casual gambler practice responsible gambling. If you are more of a high roller then you can pair phone bill betting with other payments.

Transaction Fees

Unexpected fees can be something of a pain, but as long as you are making direct phone bill payments, you won’t incur any. However, if you use Paddy Power or any other betting sites using pay by phone bill that aren’t mentioned here, you will incur fees. These fees can be as much as 2.5% depending on which intermediary, like Neteller, you use to handle the transfer.

It’s also worth noting that not all betting territories offer phone bill credit as a payment option.

Alternatives to Phone Bill Betting

If having read this guide to placing a bet using phone bill, you don’t feel it’s for you, or it’s not available in your country, you may be seeking an alternative.

Below you will find a list of payment options that are widely accepted by online bookmakers. These may better suit your needs and open up some more betting sites for you.

  • Google Pay Betting
  • AstroPay Betting
  • Bitcoin Betting
  • PayPal Betting
  • Neteller

As well as those above, there is also the option to use bank transfers and debit cards, but they tend to be much slower when it comes to depositing and withdrawing money. There is also the option to use a bookmakers own payment method such as the coral connect card.

Summary of Betting Using Phone Bill

We have to admit, this is one of our preferred payment options, and we use BoyleSports to place our bets. Even though deposits can be limited after a certain point that has never put us off, as we know the deposit is instant and we can get our bets on quickly and securely.