Double Chance Betting Explained

Every now and then when looking over betting markets, a new or different kind of bet catches your eye; leaving you to wonder what it is. A Double Chance bet is just that type of bet. It goes unnoticed by most online gamblers, but can be a powerful weapon in your betting arsenal. Offered by gambling giants such as bet365 and Paddy Power, what is it and how can you take advantage of it?

What Does Double Chance Mean?

There are just some football fixtures that scream a draw is highly unlikely, well that’s where a double chance comes in to play. You are probably already aware but there are three possibilities from any football match; these are a home win, a draw or away win. These are generally known as Win Draw Win bets and only apply to 90 minutes and not extra time or penalties.

A double chance bet gives you the opportunity to back two possible results, hence the name. As mentioned earlier it can be found at most major football accumulator betting sites; although it may sound similar, it does differ from a draw no bet.

Best Double Chance Betting Bookmakers

Double Chance Betting example
Double Chance Betting example from bet365

When it comes to picking a bookie, it can often be somewhat subjective; as people tend to have different preferences. The bookmakers listed below all have their benefits and our favourites for good reason. But bet365 double chance betting is often our first choice, as they offer the most competitive odds; which most bet365 players can testify to.

You may have notice two names that aren’t as familiar to you. Although they are fairly new betting sites, they shouldn’t be dismissed and are definitely worth looking at.

Example of a Double Chance Bet

There are several ways we could we could explain this bet to you, but as we always prefer simple step by step instructions; we’ve put together this easy to follow double chance example for you.

A derby game can always go against form, so let’s say Everton are playing Liverpool at Goodison Park. As well as the local rivalry adding a little spice to the fixture, injury concerns over integral players or a dip in form could have you feeling an upset is on the cards. In which case you may not be feeling the love for a straight Liverpool win bet, so why not add the option of a draw.

The benefit of a double chance bet lies in the fact you can cover two different options, without having to place two bets. There is also the advantage of a late equalizer ruining your bet and your day. So the three available options are;

Everton Win or Draw

Draw or Liverpool Win

Everton or Liverpool Win

The first two examples are similar in outcomes, also reducing the risk of losing your stake. The double chance will pay out in the event of a win or a draw, depending on which team you backed.

As for the third example, this is where things get a little more risky; making it the lesser used option. Either Liverpool or Everton would have to get the victory in order for your double chance to win. So if the game ends in a draw, which it has a tendency to do, you would lose your stake.

The double chance is usually utilised in accumulators, that way you can stack up low odds bets; thus improving your potential return.

Benefits of this Bet

By now you may have already worked out exactly what the pro’s and cons are. But just in case you haven’t, we will lay it for you. There is a significant chance of your bet winning when you place a double chance bet; when compared to a single win bet.

If you’re more of a risk averse gambler, then this option is perfect for you. But obviously with less risk come less reward, as there is more of a likelihood of the bet paying out. Don’t let the lower odds put you off though, as these bets tend to come in more often than a single.

When should you use a DC bet?

double chance bet meaningFor some reason, bookmakers love a good reputation; often ignoring current form. So with this in mind, we find a double chance is best used when a team has clearly been undervalued.

An example of this can found with teams like Man Utd at the minute. They are often placed as favourites despite experiencing something of a downturn in fortunes. If they are playing at home to Spurs or away to Leicester, the odds on the opposition win or a draw will likely be more favourable. So the double chance option that doesn’t include Man Utd would be our choice.

Is it the bet for you?

A lot of the draw to betting lies in the potential for high profits. So depending on your motive for gambling this may not be the option for you; unless you like to bet big. The double chance bet if more favourable to the casual gambler, who may just enjoy the thrill of a win regardless of how big it is; or someone that want to slowly increase their betting wallet.

If you do like the look of it but want to improve your return, placing a double chance accumulator may be the way to go. Compiling a few safer options will increase the accumulated odds and in turn your potential profit.