William Hill Bet Tracker

William Hill have long history in the UK gambling industry, having opened their first legal betting shop in the 1960’s. Despite a huge shift to online gambling in recent years, we still like to place a bet at our local bookies. But thanks to the revolutionary William Hill bet tracker, we can now control and check our betting slip online.

So what exactly is the William Hill track my bet, how do you use it and what are the benefits? We cover all this and more in this guide to tracking your bet with William Hill

William Hill Track My Bet Explained

The name is pretty self-explanatory, but there is so much more to the William Hill bet tracker than meets the eye. Regardless as to whether you have place a standard football accumulator, double chance bet or Win Draw Win bet, you can track your bet both online and in-store.

But that’s not all, if you have placed a bet with multiple legs or a projected outcome like league winner, you can also cash out your shop bet early. We’ll cover what this means in more detail below.

Check Your William Hill Bet Slip Online

Ok so let’s start with the obvious, how do you Track your physical bet slip online to see if it is a winner or not? Well the good news is it’s really easy to do.william hill bet tracker - betting slip checking service

  1. Visit WilliamHill.com
  2. Navigate to the Bet Tracker homepage
  3. Enter your unique betting slip number (found at the bottom of your slip)
  4. Click the submit button

Once you have followed the above process, the current status of your bet will be displayed on the screen. It will either tell you the bet has lost or won, or if it is still ongoing and awaiting some results come in, you will be offered a cash out value based on the current status of the individual legs.

If it’s a winner or if you choose to cash out, you can take your bet slip to any William Hill to collect your cash.

If you plan on regularly using William Hill bet tracker and want to speed up the process, you can either download the William Hill Plus app or pin the bet tracker page to the home screen of your smart phone.

Also, our advice would be to take a picture of your betting slip. That way, if you lose it you still have the relevant details to be able to track it and cash it in.

William Hill In-Store Bet Checker

We appreciate not everyone is as tech savvy as we are, so don’t feel comfortable tracking their William Hill bet online, or they just want quick access to any winnings.

The good news is that customers can also check their bet at any local William Hill shop, it doesn’t even need to be the shop where the bet was placed. Each store a terminal where you can check a betting slip.

Simply scan the unique QR code which can be found on the betting slip and the screen will display the current status and value of your bet. You will also be given the option cashing out your bet and immediately collecting your cash at the counter.

Cash Out Your Bet Slip Online or In-Store

So you’ve probably noticed we’ve mentioned cashing out a few times now, this is actually the biggest benefit of the William Hill bet tracker, and definitely our favourite element. Even better still, you can also partially cash out your bet. This means you can take a profit and still keep your bet alive for and even bigger potential return.

When you submit the details of your bet slip on their website or by using an in-store terminal before every leg of your bet is closed, you will be presented with a cash out value. From there you can choose to let the bet ride, cash out the bet in its entirety or activate partial cash out.

If you opt to partially cash out after using William Hill track my bet, you will be presented with varying percentages you can cash out. The higher the percentage of cash out, the lower the remaining stake and potential return will be, so it’s important to find the right balance of profit and risk.

Once you have settled your bet, simply take the betting slip to the counter to collect your winnings.

Why Track your Bet with William Hill?

We appreciate that keeping an eye on your bet may not be rocket science, especially if you bet online. But there are various reasons that customers may want to use the William Hill bet slip checker option.

Firstly, it’s very easy to misread results when checking your betting slip, and if you think a leg lost when it actually won, you are quite literally throwing money away. Checking your bet online or at a terminal removes that possibility.

Secondly, with so many betting markets available, such as bet builder, you could be scouring stat sites looking to check who had shots on target, committed fouls, or even the number of corners or free kicks. Bet slip checker will have instant access to all of that information for you.

Lastly, William hill bet tracker isn’t just available to customers who have an account. You could just be passing a betting shop or not bet regularly enough to warrant having an account, but still want the ability to check on your bet or even cash it out early.

If you want the best of both worlds, betting in store and online, then why not sign up to the William Hill Plus Card. As it makes it much easier to access your winnings, either in cash or bank transfer. You can claim your card here.

Bet Slip Tracker Summary

In the current climate of betting apps, we appreciate that the William Hill bet tracker may not necessarily be for everyone. But being as you are here and reading this, we’re guessing you also enjoy the nostalgia of placing a bet in person like we do.

This is why we highly recommend it to anyone who visits a local betting shop. It’s free, quick and gives you extra options such as cashing out your bet early. In fact it’s been so popular, other High Street bookmakers are offering similar products, such as the Coral bet tracker.

There also a guarantee that you’ll never miss a winning slip if you use it, and it helps to keep your local bookies open and thriving in a declining area of the retail industry.